Question: How long should a campaign run for?

Answer: Most campaigns run for 10 - 14 days. The ideal situation is to start on a Thursday and end on the Monday of the week after. This gives your group two week-ends of selling plus one full week. Most of the selling is done during the first week or weekend.

Question: How long does it take to get our products delivered?

Answer: Approximately 2-4 weeks from the time you place your order with our office. Delivery times vary depending on what product you are selling, and what time of year you run your campaign.

Question: How do I let my group know weíre running a campaign?

Answer: For best results, send home a cover letter along with the order forms and highlight the dates and reasons for your fundraiser. Please indicate a goal for each participant, otherwise people will purchase only one item for themselves and your fundraiser will not be as successful as you hoped for.

Question: How do I get my group motivated?

Answer: The best way is to offer a prize or incentive program. Itís a great way of thanking them for their hard work. We highly recommend implementing some type of reward program.

Question: What products work best together?

Answer: This decision is entirely up to you and your group, but over the years we have found that English Bay Cookie Dough sold along with a gift item or catalogue, were more profitable than other combinations. In the fall our "Santaís Little Helpers" brochure by itself or with cookie dough is a great fundraiser. Please contact your local representative or our head office for other ideas. Select a maximum of two brochures to promote for any one fundraising campaign. You dont want to overwhelm your sellers. (More selection isn't necessarily better)

Question: Is there a minimum order?

Answer: As a rule, there is a minimum for free shipping for most of our programs. English Bay cookie dough has a minimum of 40 cases (6 tubs/case) for most areas. Other programs have a minimum invoice amount to qualify for free shipping. Please contact our office for more details. OUr gift-type programs don not require a minimum "quantity of items" order.

Question: What time of year is best to run a fundraising campaign?

Answer: We have found that selling over the Thanksgiving week-end is the #1 selling time, second is the first 2 weeks in September, or during early November for fall campaigns and selling before March break or Easter is the best for spring campaigns.

Question: What happens to the product when it arrives at the school or group?

Answer: Food products are shipped directly to your organization from the manufacturer in full cases and must be sorted by volunteers. All non-food items can be pre-packed and delivered with each sellerís name on a computer generated pack slip inside their own bag. If we have a local consultant in your area, he or she will gladly assist you with sorting and distribution at no extra charge. This is just part of our customer service.

Question: What happens to the extra tubs of cookie dough if we are required to order full cases only?

Answer: As a rule, most groups put up a reservation list on delivery day to sell off the extra tubs. Other groups have kept a few tubs to use for future bake sales. Extra tubs are also useful to have in case you have any unexpected late orders, or if an error was made when you tallied up the orders.

Question: How much notice is required before we can receive our starter kit?

Answer: Most campaigns are booked well in advance, but short notice campaigns are not a problem. We ship most starter kits via courier.

Question: Will our group receive a product display?

Answer: Each school or group can be shipped a product display of gift items and/or incentive awards items if they desire. All samples and displays become the responsibility of the school or group. You will be billed for these at group cost with your main order. Most schools/groups that order displays, sell them off or use for draw items. We recommend setting up a display (especially in schools) as students, teachers & parents can preview some products during your campaign.

Question: How does the award prize program work?

Answer: The incentive award program is an individual incentive program designed to increase sales for schools or groups over 100 sellers. Levels of prizes vary according to retail sales. As an example, if a student sells $100.00 in product, he or she is eligible for one prize at the $100 level, or more than one prize from lower levels, providing they do not total more than the total retail sales. If you have any questions, please contact our main office.

Question: Can we supply our own awards?

Answer: Yes. We highly recommend some sort of incentive program to boost sales.

Question: Should participants sell door to door?

Answer: No. We discourage door to door fundraising. We ask that all children sell to family or friends or have Mom and Dad take the brochure(s) to work with them. If the campaign is being run over the Thanksgiving holiday, some sellers will take orders over the phone from out of town relatives. Your out of town relatives can visit the web sites for the various brochures and email their order back to you. Please keep in mind that it is the responsibility of the seller to get the product back to their customers.

Question: How do we collect money for the orders we receive?

Answer: Most groups almost always collect monies up front at the time of order. It is the school or group's choice as to whether or not cheques will be accepted for payment. If you decide that it is okay for cheques to be accepted, they must be made payable to your school/group.

Question: How do we receive the profit we earned?

Answer: Once your final order is processed, you will be sent an invoice for the portion of the sales that you owe to Third Wave. The difference is your profit which you will already have at hand.