Some of the following pages offer useful information for people who have or have not previously coordinated or organized a fundraiser.

1) Always set a goal for your group and/or individual goal for each seller.

2) People need to know "why" you are fundraising. It is a good idea to draw up a cover letter to explain "why, when & what" you are fundraising for and include this letter with the brochures when they are sent home with the sellers.

3) Most groups display a photo of the item they are planning to purchase with the money they raise.

4) A fall campaign should run for no longer than 2 weeks. The ideal week-end is during Thanksgiving, but this decision is entirely up to each group.

5) It is a good idea to make extra photocopies of the order form you are using, since a lot of people have extended families and may need 2 order forms.

6) Most groups now insist on prepayment when taking orders. Over the years, most people have become accustomed to this, and this does not usually create any problems. This will eliminate any problems with NSF cheques, or anyone not picking up their order on time.

7) Always send a letter home the day before your product is to arrive to remind everyone of the time and location of where to pick up their order.

8) It is also a good idea to advertise your fundraising campaign in your local community. Some community papers or T.V. offer this free of charge. The more publicity you can create, the more profitable your campaign will be.

9) When working with large groups, it is a good idea to keep each group of order forms separate from each other. (e.g.. 12 classrooms, 12 separate envelopes) This will make it much easier for the tally of orders and for distribution on delivery day.

10) Cookie Dough. Since this product arrives directly from the manufacturer, some sorting of individual orders is necessary. The first thing your group wants to do, is confirm that the amount of cases delivered and the amount of cases you ordered is correct. Place the cases of cookie dough together in categories of flavours (e.g.. all cases of chocolate chip together etc.). Fill each group or classroom separately. Write the sellerís name on the side of the box or bag and place order form with their order, so they know who to distribute their orders to. Please have everyone double check their orders when they pick it up to avoid anyone calling your group and claiming they ordered one flavour but received the wrong flavour.